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Modern Bee Farmers

Modern Bee Farmers, we are involved in the promotion of sustainable beekeeping throughout Kenya. We train local farming groups in apiculture, distribution of langstroth movable frame hives, Kenya Top Bar Hives and all related bee keeping equipment.

Having worked with country governments as well as international NGO’s. We pride ourselves in knowing how to get modern beekeeping right. 

Our team of beekeepers are highly trained with years of experience. So whether its your first hive or 100th. Our experts will support you throughout your beekeeping journey.

Modern Bee Farmers


Our mission as Modern Bee Farmers is towards Kenyan farmers. Above all, we work to alleviate poverty & reliance on conventional farming methods, such as crop farming, poultry & livestock farming etc.

With this intention, we hope to drastically improve the living standards of Kenyan farmers. By providing quality langstroth beehives and the necessary beekeeping equipment allowing them to be self-sufficient in the production of African Honey

In addition to this we seek to expand the bee population. To emphasize why, our environment relies on bees for so many activities, primarily pollination. Without which, humanity would face a food shortage as a result of a bee population decline.

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As a new beekeeper in Northern Kenya, I have always been interested in beekeeping. It was a great experience gaining support from Modern Bee Farmers

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