Beekeeping in Kenya

When it comes to hive installations, the beehive stand is simply one of the things that beekeepers don’t really think about as much compared to other beekeeping equipment’s. However, hive stands are important for a variety of reasons

  • Keeping the beehive of wet grounds. Helping the bees keep the hive dry
  • Hive Stands provide beekeepers with comfort and ease while tending to hive management practices or harvesting honey

In Kenya, there are 2 main methods of hive installations and we’ll speak more about them in the course of this article

Hanging your beehives

hanging beehives


Advantages of hanging beehives

  • Compared to stands, hanging hives is a much cheaper option as compared to constructing or buying new hive stands
  • Honey scavengers, honey badger as well as pests such as lizards and ants are less likely to visit hives that are hung
  • Environmental condition such as floods don’t affect hive activities
  • Cattle and other livestock cannot interfere with the beehive

Disadvantages of hanging your hives

  • Strong winds can swing the hive, making bees alert
  • Hive inspections and honey harvesting activities are difficult
  • Changing locations for the hive is as well very difficult. Risks of dropping the hive etc
  • Weight of the full hive can eventually cause the hanging branch to droop and break due to weight accumulated over time


Hive Stands

Hive Stands


Much more efficient and practical as compared to hanging beehives on top on trees, whereby you would have to bring them down to work, then later, take them back up the tree or roof when done – Mind you, a fully colonized beehive weighs nearly 30Kgs). Hive stands as well need to be sturdy, beehive stand may be made of different materials such as wood, plastic, or metal. Check out our langstroth beehive. HERE

When considering dimensions for your stand its advisable to add a bit more room, this is very useful during hive inspections/honey-harvesting as it gives room to place your hive roofing, super boxes instead of placing them on the ground. When considering how high the hive stand should be, its important to consider how high the beekeeper can comfortably reach and if its intended to stack the hive with extra supers


Advantages of hive stands

  • Easy and fast installation
  • Accessible to both elderly and anyone not comfortable climbing heights (trees). Less bending and lifting involved

bee hive Stands

  • Hive inspections and honey harvesting can be executed with ease and faster as compared to hanging beehives. The hive is also more secure and doesn’t swing while beekeeper is inspecting the hive
  • Can easily withstand heavy hives during peak honey seasons for many years

Langstroth hive on Beehive Stand


  • Costly to construct or purchase compared to just hanging the hives
  • Leg stands are more accessible to pests such as lizards and ants in search on honey
  • Unless secured, animals may knock hives over or hives may be stolen

NB: Plastic receptacles on each hive stand can be filled with used engine oil to keep off predators such as ants from crawling up the leg stands

Wishing you the very best in your beekeeping project.

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