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At Modern Bee Farmers, we are involved in the promotion of sustainable beekeeping throughout Kenya. We train local farming groups in apiculture, distribution of langstroth movable frame hives, Kenya Top Bar Hives and all related bee keeping equipment.

We provide honey warmers, honey double sieve strainers, bee smokers, honey centrifuge extractors, honey wax press, plastic and wooden queen excluders, solar wax melters, decapping forks, quality wooden bee brushes, langstroth beehives, honey harvesting bee suit with leather beekeeping gloves, honey settling tanks in different sizes etc.

Not only that, we also support farmers by buying local Kenyan honey as well as providing relevant training on how to harvest honey & honey value addition creating alternative sources of income Our commitment to ecofriendly manufacturing processes strives to promote healthy bee colonies in a sustainable and responsible manner.

8:00 am - 6:00 pm
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Ruaraka, Nairobi
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Wondering how to start modern bee farming? Interested to see how to build a cost-effective bee house?

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Honey Sales

Experience the taste of pure, raw honey from Kenyan honeybees. Looking for somewhere to sell your honey? Get in touch with us click here to call us for orders & inquiries.

Bee Equipment Supply

Kenyan dealer for all bee keeping equipment’s. Our locally made beehives are from the finest woods. Furthermore, our quality and refinement has constantly been improving since 2007 Whether you’re a new beekeeper or a seasoned veteran, we have it all.

Hive Maintenance

Our impassioned and experienced beekeepers service your beehives at selected intervals. Not only hive inspections & maintenance, but also honey harvesting services. You keep 100% of the raw honey produced. We’ll handle the rest- even the bottling with personalized labels.

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Solar Wax Melter

Quality wood & glass imported solar wax melter Our Solar wax melter in use by its new owner all the way in KilifiRender your honeycombs after straining all your honey. Don’t throw them away. Commercial beekeeping seeks to take advantage of all bee products So many used for rendered (refined) wax. From candles making, shoe […]

TYPES OF BEEHIVES IN KENYA (Langstroth Vs KTBH – Kenya Top Bar Hive)

Domesticating bees for honey has been done in Kenya since pre-colonial periods. From traditional hives all the way now to KTBH hives. It has been practiced from time immemorial. In older times, bees were kept in log hive which includes traditional beehives. But initially bees before domestication used to nest in the open or semi-enclosed […]

Paraffin, Soy or Bee Wax for your candles?

Candles are generally much loved in Kenyan homes, originally as a source of lighting during power blackouts but have evolved more into home décor aesthetics & aromatherapy.  A simple whiff of a pleasant, comforting scent, however, can quickly put us into a better mood or even bring back some memories. It’s no wonder that more […]

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