This is a 20L honey bucket that helps collect honey from your bees. It features a tightly fitting lid and honey gate, and both can be securely closed to make sure no lose or contamination of honey. It is made from HDPE plastic and the handle is made from sturdy metal.

The 20L Honey Bucket is a must-have for every beekeeper. With its spacious capacity, the beekeeper can store a large amount of honey without having to worry about running out of space. This bucket is made of high-quality, food-grade plastic that ensures the honey remains fresh for a long time. The tight-fitting lid with a gasket seal keeps air and moisture out, preserving the quality of the honey.

The bucket is designed with convenience in mind. It has a sturdy handle that makes it easy to carry, even when full. The smooth, rounded edges make it easy to clean and prevent any damage to the honeycombs. 

The 20L Honey Bucket is not just for storing honey.

Can be used to collect honey from your hives, or to transport honey to your customers. The bucket’s large capacity makes it perfect for small-scale beekeepers who want to sell their honey. As well as for larger operations that need to store and transport large quantities of honey.

Valve located at the bottom is advantageous to commercial honey packaging. Such as when packaging honey, by ensuring any particles in the honey float to the top. Therefore, you can immediately dispense from the bottom of the bucket

Not only is this bucket functional, it is also aesthetically pleasing. The clean, white plastic is neutral and blends in with any decor. Therefore, the sleek design makes it a great choice for farmers markets or gift baskets

In addition to its many uses, the 20L Honey Bucket is also eco-friendly. It is reusable and can be cleaned and used again and again. Reducing the need for single-use containers. This makes it a great choice for beekeepers who are looking for sustainable & environmentally responsible options.

In conclusion, the 20L Honey Bucket is an essential tool for beekeepers of all levels. Its large capacity, high-quality construction make it a great choice for storing, transporting, and selling honey. 

Our  Double sieve: Honey Strainer fits perfectly on the diameter of the lid for extra purification if necessary. 


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