• Full Stainless Steel
  • Manual operated
  • Height adjustable leg stands
  • Can hold 3 deep frames or 6 shallow frames
  • Easy to clean
  • Has clear view cover so you can see it in operation

3 frame centrifuge Honey Extractor

There are three ways of extracting honey:

  • 1.       crushing the combs (wax press)
  • 2.       uncapping the cells and letting the honey slowly drip out
  • 3.       Using a honey extractor. It basically does the same thing as the second method, only way faster and way more efficient. A honey extractor is a great way to get the honey from a Langstroth hive

It works by placing a full frame into the 3 frame centrifuge honey extractor and spinning it using a crank (or a motor if you opt for a the electrical). Centrifugal force “sucks” the honey out of the combs through the gate valve and into your storage tanks. Use of a double sieve at this point is recommended to filter any fine pollen or particles from extracted honey

Keeps your honey comb still intact to re-use immediately by the bee to store honey without having to create new honeycomb, reducing the time in-between harvests


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