• Specially designed to produce quality comb honey
  • Comes fitted with full size foundation wax sheet
  • Double sided covers for packaging
  • Comb frame sold separetly. 

Introducing the Comb Honey Cassette

The perfect solution for Kenyan beekeepers who want to produce high-quality, delicious comb-honey with minimal effort. This Comb Honey Cassette is designed to simplify the honey harvesting process. Saving time and effort while ensuring that the honey produced is untouched in its perfect honeycomb

With this innovative product, you can be sure that your honey will be of the highest quality, with a pure, natural flavor that your customers will love.

The Honey Cassette is a specially designed  to be embedded in the honeycomb frame that fits neatly into your beehive. The bees then fill them with honey, creating comb honey. No beehive modification is needed to be done to the langstroth hive.

The Comb Honey Cassette is also incredibly easy to use. Simply insert the cassette into your hive, and your bees will do the rest. The cassette’s design allows your bees to build comb and store honey, without the need for additional frames or equipment. 

Consequently, when it’s time to harvest your honey,

  • Simply remove the cassette from the hive
  • Attach the lid closures on both sides to enclose & safely protect the honeycomb. ensures that the honey stays clean and free from contamination. 
  • It’s that easy!

Therefore, it provides an ideal environment for your bees to build comb and store honey.


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