• Sturdy & durable frame
  • Plastic handle with grove grips
  • Strong steel teeth
  • Easy to wipe and clean after use

An uncapping fork is an inexpensive tool that will allow you to get just the caps off the comb.

With modern beekeeping methods, the honeycomb is ideally left intact unlike traditional methods of harvesting honey where the whole comb was removed, leaving empty frames returned to the beehive with no honeycomb.

The uncapping fork opens up the comb allowing honey to drip out while using a centrifuge honey extractor. Leaving the comb undamaged and ready to be placed back in the hive. Works well with frame grip & side frame perch

Wax cappings collected as residue of using the decapping fork can be used for other activities once rendered such as making candles or shoe polish.

Make your honey harvesting more efficient with less waste


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