For our Foundation beewax sheets Only 100% pure beeswax is used which is sourced from beekeepers within Kenya.

Our flat sheets of beeswax are embossed with the shape of the base of the cell. The purpose is to provide the bees with a “foundation” on which to build their comb, so it plays a very much needed role in every beehive.

Works with either Langstroth or KTBH hives similarly as a bee attractant (Lemon grass oil).

Wax sheet dimension 42cm wide by 22cm wide

Used as hive attractant to bait bee colonies into hives. Considering making your own beehives, refurbishing some old hives, got some hives that haven’t been colonized in a long time. Beekeeping in Kenya is essential with the best bee colony attractant for the success of your beekeeping project

Embossed wax sheets for modern beehives anywhere in Kenya.
Bulk orders price negotiable.


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