To keep yourself protected as you’re tending to the bees, Bee suit. Full canvas material, very resistant to all insect stings, provides outstanding protection against bee stings, plus all day comfort in most weather conditions. It has heavy duty brass zippers with durable double-stitched pockets. This has a oversized fit with an elastic wrists and elastic ankles to keep everything in place. You’ll be able to remove the veil for easier storage.

Comes with option of rubber gloves or leather gloves at different costs for each


Honey Harvesting kit comprising of bee veil, bee suit, smoker, hive tool, bee brush and gloves

  • Beesuit comes equipped as face veil, suit overalls and rubber gloves
  • Effectively resistant to beestings
  • Gloves are heavy duty and arm length
  • Multiple pockets for carrying extra items while honey harvesting
  • Material options include cotton and canvas.

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