• Beesuit comes equipped as round mesh face veil, suit overalls and leather gloves
  • Effectively resistant to beestings 
  • Gloves are full leather and arm length
  • Multiple pockets for carrying extra items while honey harvesting
  • Material options include cotton and canvas.
  • Leather Gloves color MAY BE Yellow OR White 
  • Suitable for both men and women

Bee suit.  Beekeeping suit. Honey Harvesting Suit

The Honey Harvesting Bee Suit is a must-have for beekeepers looking to protect themselves, while collecting honey from their hives. This beekeeping suit is designed specifically for honey harvesting, providing complete coverage and protection from head to toe. 

Crafted from high-quality polyester blend (canvas), lightweight material. Our honey harvesting suit is breathable and lightweight, making it comfortable to wear in hot weather. The full-length zipper provides easy access to your hives, while the elastic cuffs and waist keep the beekeeping suit snug against your body to prevent bees from entering. The hat and veil are securely attached to the suit, ensuring that your face and neck are protected at all times.

The suit is also durable, made to withstand repeated use and washings. The material is tear-resistant and easy to clean, ensuring that it will last for many seasons to come. 

In  beekeeping equipment, our beekeeping suit is the ultimate bees sting protection choice for beekeepers. Whether you are an experienced beekeeper or just starting out, this bee suit will provide the protection you need to safely harvest honey from your hives. 

The Honey Harvesting suit is a versatile, reliable, and high-quality beekeeping product that offers the perfect combination of protection, comfort, and durability. This bee suit is a must-have for beekeepers looking to safely harvest honey from their hives. Whether you are a seasoned beekeeper or just starting out, the Honey Harvesting Bee Suit is the ideal choice for all your beekeeping needs.

Our rubber glove bee sting protective clothing option is available

Comes with pair of beekeeping leather gloves included. Gloves color may be Yellow OR White, ankle length with elastic end


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