• Extremely high quality finish
  • Stainless Steel barrel and leatheroid bellow
  • Hook attachment for easy storage
  • Works well with rubber gloves compared to smokers without the heat cage

bee smoker is a device used in beekeeping to calm honey bees. 

The function of the smoker is masking alarm pheromones released by guard bees when agitated, this masking allows the beekeeper to continue with hive inspections or harvesting honey while the colony’s defensive response is interrupted

How a beekeeping smoker works

Smoker fuels can be many things such as dry grass & twigs or even dry sawdust (or wood chips) from your local carpenter. The fuel in the smoker’s burner smolders slowly due to the restriction of oxygen in the burning chamber, and each squeeze of the bellows feeds the smoldering fuel with fresh air to produce smoke that’s puffed at the beehive entrance. Also includes a grate at the bottom to improve burning. The heat aerator provides better airflow and a longer lasting smolder. It produces premium bellows for consistent airflow.

This has a heat shield to keep you safe when you’re using it, to protect against burns. It has stainless steel construction so it will last a long time.



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