• High-quality, durable hive made from top-notch wood materials
  • top bar frames with high-quality bee wax included
  • Queen excluder for better hive management and more efficient honey production
  • Passive design allows for easy inspection and management of bees
  • Top bars can be easily removed for inspection
  • Promotes natural beekeeping practices

The Kenya Top Bar Hive is the ideal choice for beekeepers who value simplicity and natural design. Handmade from locally sourced wood, this traditional-style beehive offers many benefits to the health of the bees and the ease of the beekeeper.

Top bars provide ample space for the bees to build their comb and promote natural behavior. The Top Bar Hive allows for easy inspection and management without complicated tools. It’s an attractive addition to any backyard or homestead, thanks to its natural wood grain and traditional design.

The beehive stand, an essential component of the Top Bar Hive, provides stability and raises the hive off the ground. The sturdy stand is adjustable, allowing you to set the perfect height for your needs.

Experience the benefits of a sustainable, natural, and functional home for your bees with the Kenya Top Bar Hive. Whether you’re an experienced beekeeper or just starting out, this beehive and its sturdy stand will offer a safe and healthy home for your colony for years to come.

Don’t miss out on the simplicity and natural design of the Kenya Top Bar Hive. Get yours today and see the difference it can make for your bees.


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